Over the years and, maybe even decades, stuff can really add up and take over. 

When everything has a place and everything is in it's 

place, you can focus your mental energy on the important things in life.

 Home Smiths+ can help:

  • Sort through possessions for keeping, donating, or disposal 

  • Establish place/ home/ zone for everything kept

  • Relocate things for improved functionality

  • Use existing or new storage products to organize items

  • Bring structure to your closets and garage

  • Reorganize your pantry and cupboards

  • Assemble any purchased shelving units

  • Clean out attics and basements

  • One time deep cleaning

  • Scheduled ongoing appointments to maintain order

The result: an orderly environment that utilizes the most of your space. Decluttering and simplifying will bring a sense of calm and order. Each client is treated with sensitivity, respect, and, most importantly, confidentiality.

Home Smiths + 3 Step Process:


We start with a phone consult to discuss you project, goals, and time frame. We can then schedule an on site visit to meet and look at your project together. 



I'll take all the information gathered and develop a strategy that meets your needs. I'll provide you with a detailed plan, price estimate, and schedule.



I'll come ready for the hands on work of sorting, organizing, and clearing. Home Smiths+ can take care of everything.

Items that are to be removed can be sorted for your review at the end of the project.